måndag, mars 13, 2006

Nobz pix

måndag, mars 06, 2006

More Skarz´


söndag, mars 05, 2006

Pics IV

Pics III

Pics II


I need to re-pay Pbase for my gallery, until then I´ll use this to post pics on Da Whaagh.... :P

tisdag, februari 21, 2006

Finally, the "skin-issue" is solved..!

Yeah, I´ve had great problems to find an easy and reasonably fast way to get the skin right on my Orks, but it´s more or less "solved" now, so I actually can go forward with my painting!

I have Drak Angels Green over the Chaos Black spray, as a base colour. When I tried different ways to get it right, nothing looked good to me. I brushed on Snot Green and that was okay, but it needed to be lighter..! Goblin Green look awful but after trying yesterday again, I found out that was more due to my brushes..! I tried again, Dark Angels Green foloowed by a Gobbo Green dry-brush (yeah, dry-brush...) and I liked the result!

On the pic above, the left Gobbo-Grot is just painted with Dark Angels Green, the next Dark Angels Green plus a brush of Snot Green (too dark) while the last one has a base of Dark Angels Green followed by a Bobbo-Green brush. I think the last one looks okay!
It looks slightly better in real life though, the flash is not making it justice methinks...

What do you think..? :)

måndag, februari 20, 2006

New stuff and some games

Oi, weedy gitz, long time noo see...

Yeah, I´ve been busy and didn´t feel it was a point, writing anything when Chris is "missing"... :(
Anyways, a lot have happened, I´ve got loads of new stuff and played quite a few games!

Don´t know where to start really, but I did end up with those Orks from a friend anyways. Got roughly:

1 Killa Kan
1 Mega Armour Nob
1 Warboss
2 Nobz
3 Warbikes
2 Trukks built
2 Trukks unbuilt
40-50 Orks, most of ´em built but some unbuilt

Then I´ve also managed to get my hands on another 3 Warbikes, 5 Mega Armour Nobz and 12 Strom Boyz (inkl. 1 Nob).

It feels as if I have too much right now..! I´ll try to pick out 2000-2500p to work with first. Oh, and I have easily enough stuff to make a 1500-1700p Speed Freeks army!

I´ve painted some, on Grots, Sluggas and Killa Kanz but haven´t finished anything entirely (was sick with the flu for a whole week, didn´t manage to do anything that week...).

Oh, an I´ve played, lots..! First, against the friend that I go the Orks from. He brough his Guards, mostly infantry (lots of expensive troops and elites) backed up by a Hellhound and a Chimera. In short, the big shootas and Scorcha Buggies of mine inflicted horrendous casulties on him. His Hellhound knocked out a Scorcha Buggy when it arrived (Escalation) but the Tankbustas dealt with it right after that. We played a full nine turns and in the last turn, 3 Killa Kanz assaulted his last ten men and killed them, I won and wiped the Guards out!
His army was probably more anti-Beakie (lots of plasmas, lascannons and missile launchers) and that helped me, still they were too few since he had expensive stuff.

Next up, I played Beakie-Matte, 2000p, and for the first time used Trukk Boyz... He tried new anti-ork stuff, a Libby with Fear of the Darkness and Fury of the Ancients, more AssCans than you could shake a stick at! a Whirlwind, Predator Annihilator with heavy bolters and loads of Tacticals..!
I launched a fast attack on one flank, 3 Trukks (one with Nobz and Warbos, 2 with Trukk Boyz) plus 2 Scorcha Buggies. The rest advanced up the middle, backed up by a few Killa Kanz.
My fast column reached him (well, half of them! ;) ) and in a large assault that took most of the game, he lost three full Tacticals, one Rhino, one Land Speeder and the Libby. I lost 12, or so, Trukk Boyz, some Nobz and the vehicles. I got out on top there but on the other flank, I took heavy casulties to his AssCan termies and Assault Marines, but a few Sluggas managed to assault his Termies, kill a few and send them packing! In the end, Ilost most stuff there but a Killa Kan reached his Predator, destroyed it and then ripped the tracks and launcher of the Whirlwind. A few more termies were gunned down by Lobba and Big shoota fire and in the end he only had eight Assault Marines, one Master (wounded), one Termie and one damaged ´Speeder (no gunz). I had less than ten Sluggas, but 3 Killa Kanz (only one was destroyed), my Warboss and a few Nobz (more than 50%), some Grotz, about 8 Trukkers´ (in two Mobz) and 9 Kommandoes. It was a nice win for me (we played Seek & Destroy, Gamma).

Then, another friend wanted to try out his two 1700p tournie armies (Blood Angels and iron Warriors, ouch!), no problemo I said!
Firstly I played the Iron Warriors, it was some weird Tournie-mission with loads of special rules and a deployment zone of only 6" (!!!) for all but Fast Attacks (15").
he had, roughly:

Nasty Dameon Prince (statured)

3 CSM Squads (8) with lascannons and stuff.

2*2 Oblitz

2 Defilers (indirect)


Predator with mutated hull (lascannons)

I played like in the last game, a fast column atacked up the left flank. This time it went even better and I quickly killed 2 Oblitz, 8 Marines, and held up a Defiler (it took four turns for the Trkkers´ to kill but I only lost 2 Orks). He counter attack, the Prince on my Warboss. grimfang took two wounds 8another two were saved by his Cybork Body) and my power klaw snipped the weedy git in two! (S10, hehe!). That flanking force swept onwwards, the Warboss killed the other Defiler in close combat while the Trukkers dealt with the Predator and the Trukks the Bassie.
In the middle, another CSM Squad was swallowed by 20 Grots and Sluggas but on my right, the tankbustas were wiped out by the third CSM Squad and two Oblitz. In the end, the Sluggas reach them, together with some Grots and wiped both out! The Grots even wounded a Oblit on close combat!!
I won with another wipe-out!

Against the Blood Angels it were nastier, another weird mission were you got points for killing the Commander, holding the middle, the deployment zones, neutral ground as well as killing two chosen enemy Squads (kept secret). The deployment were slightly" tilted, if you know what I mean, diagonal or so...
Once again I launched a flanking attack but it didn´t go as aplanned, one Trukk got struck in terrain, the Scorchas were blasted to hell and the Trukkers that attacked a small Tactical lost the combat on the charge..! his 8, or so, Tacticals killed 4 Orks while I killed two Beakiez. The combat took a few turns and in the end I won but the Orks were quickly gunned down. In the meantime, his DC rolled a "1" followed by a "5", just making them able to charge a Slugga Mob..! In the end, I won the combat with the help of the other Trukkers but 18 Sluggas and 4 Trukkerz´died (I did kill 10 DC-troopers and the Chappie though). The Warboss couldn´t get anywhere with his Trukk and very late reached combat, killed a Tactical but got a Vindicator hit on them, killing 4 Nobz...
On the other flank, I was cut to ribbons but one Killa Kan and a few Sluggas managed to walk through a Tactical, Scouts Squad and Assault Squad, they were later wiped out though. The Tankbustas hit his Baal loads of time but I never rolled better than "3"...
In the end, I got 1600p, or so, he 1800p, giving him a small victory.
I was happy though, his amry was very nasty and I rolled very badly while he rolled far better, under the tough conditions, I still did well...

He had, roughly, Chappie plus nasty Death Company

5 Tacticals (8) with loads of lascannons

Scout Squad (8) w. heavy bolter, vet serg w. power fist

1 Land Speeder Tornadoe w. AssCan

Assault Squad (8) w. vet serg w. power fist

Baal Predator



And then, yesterday, I played another two games! First against Beakie-Gay Knight Matte in another Seek & Destroy, Gamma. he had a weird list with 2 termie-Squads (asscans), one led by a Chappie, the other in a Land Raider led by a Master. Other than that, one Predator, 1 Whirlwind, 3 Bikes, some Scouts and a Tactical.
It went very fast, I popped the Whirlwind with Big Shootas in turn 1 (!!!), then charged his Master with my Warboss and pals (tey had disembarked to asscan me) while the Tactical was assaulted by one Trukker Mob. Unsurprisingly, 6 Nobz massacred his termies while the Warboss power klawed his Master. The land Raider was later cauhgt by a Dread while the 2nd, Deep Striking Termie Squad was caught by the Trukkers... Ouch! The Predator was hit many times by Tankbustas and in the end killed, the rest shot up.
I wiped him out in turn 5 or so. Very nasty but his list was more anti-Beakie and used poorly...

And finally, against Tau... Another tournie-guy that wanted to try out his crap. ;)
I fielded:

1700p Orks
Warboss Grimfang Gogulk Badazz w. choppa, power klaw, frag stikkbombz, ´eavy armour, cybork body, iron gob. 112p
Nobz Bodyguard (6) w. choppas, ´eavy armour, sluggas, frag stikkbombz. 192p
Wartrukk m. big shoota. 38p

30 Grotz, Slaver w. big shoota, squighound. 116p

2*20 Sluggas w. 3 big shootas, Nob w. power klaw, choppa, big hornz. 246p*2

10 Tankbustas w. 3 rokkits, Nob w. rokkit, 3 ammo runts. 162p

Wartrakk/Warbuggy Squadron (1) w. scorchas. 38p

Wartrakk/Warbuggy Squadron (1) w. scorchas. 38p

Trukk Boyz Mob (10) w. Nob w. choppa, power klaw, iron gob. 170p

Killa Kan Mob (3) w. armour plates. 150p

Dreadnought w. 2 big shootas, armour plates. 96p

Big Gunz Battery (3) w. 3 Lobbas, 2 extra gretchin krew. 96p

he had, roughly:

Crisis Commander w. plasma and missiles.
Retinue (1) with similar stuff.


Crisis Squad (2) w. flamers and missile pods.

Crisis Squad (19 w. twin-fusion gunz, missile pods.

4 Fire Warrior Squads (12), one pulse carbine in each, except one which had 6.

Hammerhead w. rail Gun and burst cannons, plus some other stuff, it could move and shoot 12" for example.

As above but with a Ion-cannon.

Broadside Squad (3) with loads of gun-drones (6?).

We played a Cleanse-variant, with Escalataion and the quarters were assigned numbers, 1, 2 , 3 or 5 (secretly). At the end, my assigned numbers was added to his and then multiplied by 75p, that what they were worth if you had them.

I got first turn and started to advance, due to Concealment nothing was seen. In his turn, some ladz were killed and the Grots were Pinned (grr!).
In my 2nd turn, all bu the Kanz and Dread arrived. I launched a fast attack on one flank, using a building to shield some of the vehicles. Big Shoota fire killed a few Fish´edz.

In his 2nd turn, both tanks appaered and my Scorcha Buggies and one Trukk was blasted apart, eight Trukkers and more Boyz were gunned down...
In my third turn, the Kanz and Dreadz arrived, to support the fast attack (or what was left of it!) while the rest advanced. The Warboss and Nobz managed to assault some Fire Warriors but rolled badly and only killed 5 (which was good as they held!). Big Shoota Fire and the Lobbas killed a couple of Fire Warriors...
In his 3rd, the Flamer Crisis arrived and Deep Struck, toasting my Lobbas which fled... More Boyz were killed and Rail Gunz basically wiped out the Kanz and Dread (the Dread and one Kan survived, both immobilized and Stunned). But, the Warboss and Nobz made Fish´n Chips of "their" Fire Warriors and moved (only) 1" tooward the Broadsides...

Me again, I kept advancing, killed a few Fire Warriors but more importantly, the Warboss and Nobz killed off all Drones and one Broadside in the assault, one Nob died and the suits held!
Next turn, more boyz were killed and one Slugga Mob were Pinned... But the Broadsides were wiped out! I got another 1"-roll for massacre though...
In the next turn, the surviving Trukker Nob, in his seconf attaempt, assaulted and hit the Ion-cannon Hammer head four times!! Two glancing hits were scored and one of them destroyed it!
The tankbustas managed to down the other, trying to hid behind a small building.
In the assault, the Warboss assaulted and killed the Ethereal while the Nobz wiped out its Fire Warrior Squad.

After that, it was mop-up, I killed the last Fire Warrior Squad with the Tankbustas by assaulting them in a building. He shot me up badly (the Crisis Commander arrived in turn 5 i think), when the dust settled I had 14 Grots, the Warboss and 1 Nob, 8 tankbustas, 6 fleeing Sluggas, another 7 Sluggas, not fleeing.
The Grots contested my deployment zone while the Tankbustas held one.
He had all Crisis Suits left (Commander and friend, one alone and 2 in my deployement zone).
I got more points for killing Fish´edz (1200 or so, against his 1000p) but he held two quarters, i only one. And to make it worse, his two were assigned more points... In the end, he got 1800p-something, I 1600p something. He got 222 more Vps, giving him a 12-8 tournie-win.
I was still very happy, I killed more, what more can an Ork say! ;) And did quite well, it was very tough against those ultra-hard Fish´edz! And the Warboss once again was the hero 8and the trukker-Nob, ripping apart a Hammerhead!).


I have loads of pics, it starts here:


Soon, I´ll report some painting progress, soon... ;)

söndag, januari 29, 2006

Da ´arf-trakk

Oi, weedy gitz! Grimfang´s new, improoved, propa´ ride is on its way, juss so ya nooz...

Yepp, that´s right, it´s on it´s way... :) I´ve not done a great deal the last week, had a game against some ´umies and got thrashed badly... Was not that fun, the weedy zogger set up the terrain before I got to the club and naturally there were hardly no terrain and nothing to hide behind... It was quite close but he won by holding one more Loot-counter. Next time I´ll make sure the terrain is right.

After that I wasn´t not very keen on any modelling or painting but got my thumb out yesterday, painted on a couple of Grots, those Goblin-conversions are almost finished, expect pics soon. Then I started to build this beauty..! I hate resin and promised myself to not buy anymore from ForgeWorld (we´ll see... ;) ), the threads was a mess but still I managed to fix this in under two hours..! That´s ultra-fast for me! Still some things to do though, fix ram, weapon, turbo-booster etc. But that´s the fun part! ;)

Oh, and I order Imperial Armour 2, to actually see what a Gunwagon does, maybe it´s better than a Wartrukk..? ;D

tisdag, januari 17, 2006

Ruined... ;)

Oi! Da weedy skumgrods need sumwhere ter ´ide from da ded ´ard an propa´ ladz sur we built ´dis fer da weedy zoggerz...

Yeah, that´s right, my first piece of terrain for quite some time has been all but finished. I think it looks good, eh..? :) I still need to paint the edge of the base (Graveyard Earth) and add some static flock to the ruins (to look like lichen or something) but that´s it!

The base is made from wood with GW-sand glued on (PVA glue). I then sprayed it Chaos Black (without the ruins glued on) and painted it Bestial Brown with a dry-brush of Bubonic Brown and then, finally a dry-brush of Bleached Bone (which I might have made too heavy?). The ruins were sprayed with Rough-Coat (textured Codex Grey spray) which was dry-brushed with Vallejo´s "Fortress Grey" (don´t remember their name on that almost similar colour?). The plants are all but one from GW, the Lustrian ones. Onely the one in the middle, closest to the camera is non-GW (don´t know the manufacter but I think it´s German) . And the static grass is also from GW.

I will build some more but may cut-up some of the ruins and alter their shape first.